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About Ala Moana Hawaii .com - Honolulu, Hawaii
Our Mission Statement
The mission of Ala Moana HI .com is to enrich the Ala Moana - Honolulu, Hawaii community by providing a easy, fun, and interactive resource to learn about Ala Moana, Hawaii community events, public resources, government resources, nonprofits, businesses, job and local happenings. By using a variety of creative Internet-based technical solutions we provide the pubic with resources to enhance community connections.

How It Started / Why Free
Initially, website was going to be an Ernest Abrams's website to support a vacation rental/hotel room in the Ala Moana Hotel. However, after realizing the need for a free community website to support the Ala Moana community, it ended up evolving into personal cause, passion and community service for the entire community. Prior to moving to Kaimuki, Honolulu Hawaii...Ernest Abrams was a resident of the Ala Moana Area for over 8 years. is a way for Ernest Abrams to give back to his community and practice his passion/craft.

The Challenge
The challenge to keep the site free is accomplished through sophisticated automation routines allowing the site to be robust with minimal expense. Ernest used tools provided to his business clients (who demand high functionality with minimal costs) to give back to his community through

About Ernest Abrams
Ernest Abrams is a resident of Hawaii for over 20 years. Ernest Abrams is a business/marketing/computer consultant along with being a software engineer/developer, webmaster and programmer. He absolutely LOVES what he does.

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Learn more about Ernest Abrams/MacBusiness Consulting...integrity and passion

Ernest Abrams, is also president/owner of MacBusiness Consulting. That's how the bills get paid.

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Cool Stuff About This Web Site
The backend database/Web technology that runs is what makes this site cool. There is an extensive amount of synergy between an array of database systems that perform a variety of functions. Information that is submitted to the Web site (directory listings, calendar, events, news, mail list management, contests, coupons, surveys, etc.) all go into a network of custom MacBusiness Consulting databases that perform the following:
  • Automatic Web site uploads/publishing of news, directory listings, events and photo galleries
  • Automatic Email downloading, validation, processing and confirmations of info submitted via Web site
  • Automatic Email/forms extraction into individual database fields for appropriate database analysis/processing
  • Monthly coupon tracking, management renewal system and communication.
  • Automatic construction of the Monthly broadcast Email HTML/TEXT dynamic links to Web site
  • Execution of monthly personalized Email broadcast to mailing list.
  • A variety of other operational tasks Ernest Abrams deems necessary to automate to keep this site FREE.
MacBusiness Consulting can offer these types of solutions to individuals and companies who:
  • Have Web/database needs like this
  • Want to save money on their Web site design/maintenance.
  • Want to increase their exposure/revenue.
  • These databases can easily work with sites that are maintained by other Web masters.
Call Ernest Abrams (808) 739-9797 if you would like more info.
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