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  • Ala Moana Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 by Mark N. Brown

Ala Moana has plenty of picturesque locations worthy of being immortalized in paintings. Mark N. Brown, Hawaii's premier Plein Air artist, has done just that. From the Magic Island to various Ala Moana beach and surf paintings, Mark captures the beauty of Ala Moana in his Ala Moana Artwork Collection. Here you can see all of Mark N. Brown's artwork featuring scenes from the Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawaii area 96814

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Browse through his collection and find out how you can own one today! Here you can see all of Mark N. Brown's artwork featuring scenes from the Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawaii area 96814.Click here for how to commission Mark to paint a image for you.
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Surf Session At Ala Moana
Ref. No.: 24028 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: "Surf Session at Ala Moana" was painted on location and gave me a chance to capture a sense of place with Diamond Head and a lifestyle painting with the surfers, joggers, bikers, and swimmers who would walk the scene. I started the painting in the morning and took a lunch break then came back and worked into the afternoon and evening. I took the sunset colors and put them in the sky. During the summer there was more activity with the people in the evening. It was awesome! More...
Canoe Regatta Magic Island 2014 - 1
Ref. No.: 23513 ** Price: $2600 ** Size: 30" x 40" ** Inspiration: Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) Canoe Regatta at Magic Island December 13, 2014. Mark's loves attending this event because of the high level of energy and Hawaiian culture. This is a great 'ohana event that brings the Hawaii community together. More...
Ala Wai From Magic Island
Ref. No.: 18365 ** ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: This painting allows me to learn and at the same time earn. I used more of a gray palette of colors and save my bright colors for the focal point with the marina and reflections. While I painted this at Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park, a foot path right behind me allowed a lot of beach people to weigh in comment-wise on the painting. I received their thumbs up! More...
Ala Wai Run - 1
Ref. No.: 18284 ** ** Size: 30" x 40" ** Inspiration: I paddled with the Canoe team "Kalihi Kai" that's based at the Ala Wai canal. I wanted to do a series of paintings on paddling but as I photographed paddlers as an outsider, I got stiff poses since they were aware of the camera. I knew that I needed to join the team so I would be one of them before any naturalness came about. The writer George Plimpton, in his book The Paper Lion, did this to get inspiration to be able to write about the professions such as football and the circus. More...
Dawn Paddler - 1
Ref. No.: 18282 ** ** More...
Kaiser Bowls - 2
Ref. No.: 18335 ** ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: This Plein Air painting was done at one of the best surf spots in the island, Da Bowls. The surfers there have such character that the casting agents of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" came through for an open call to any potential swashbucklers and asked them to "come as you are." I enjoy painting there and the guy who commands a lot of respect is the steersmen of Anuenue Canoe Club, Nappy Napoleon. He has an easy, humble way about him that keeps everyone "chilled". More...
Magic Island Marina
Ref. No.: 18305 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 24" x 36" ** Inspiration: This Magic Island Marina had me flirting with stronger,bolder colors, and it made it pretty intense if you got up close, but when you stepped back, it seemed to work,
This was my way to honor artist Lau Chun who always pushed the envelope in colors, More...
Ala Wai - 1
Ref. No.: 18303 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Sitting at the base of the Ala Wai is a the clubhouse which for me as a painter allows my eye to put a resting place in the painting. The boats dock along the piers and I love the reflections that are cast on the water. It gives this marine painting a bigger presence. More...
Magic Island Night 2014 Miniature Hawaii Art Image
Ref. No.: 23483 ** Price: $150 ** Size: 8" x 10" ** Inspiration: "Magic island Nocturne" was inspired by the lights that reflect on the waters off Magic Island near Ala Moana Beach Park. After working on 5" x 7" mini's, doing an 8" x 10" was large but it's great to use a large brush to get the paint on the canvas, then use a smaller one to work the edges. More...

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